Why you should try this vegan collagen alternative

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Why you should try this vegan collagen alternative

If you have not heard, blue spirulina powder is a great vegan alternative to traditional collagen supplements.  See below to find out why!

Blue spirulina powder is one of nature's most nutritionally dense superfoods.  It is absolutely jam packed with antioxidants and phycocyanin.  Both of these two natural elements leave your skin looking young and vibrant!

Phycocyanin is actually what gives blue spirulina it's natural blue color.  So you get a beautiful shade of blue for your food and healthy and vibrant skin, a fantastic combo!

Liina is the first-of-its-kind blue spirulina powder that actually tastes amazing!  Add it in to your morning smoothie, your afternoon yogurt, or even your overnight oats.  It will turn everything a beautiful blue color and give your body the fuel to power your day!