Spirulina Powder is the future and let us prove it to you!

Blue Spirulina Powder Spirulina Powder
Spirulina Powder is the future and let us prove it to you!

3 years ago we learned about spirulina powder and were immediately in awe.  As we dug in more we realized the potential it has to transform how humans consume. Liina is all about change. Change in what we consume. Change in what it means to act and live sustainable today, and how we collectively make progress towards a sustainable future.

Spirulina powder has ancient roots, initially discovered by the Aztecs for its superfood qualities.  The Aztecs harvested spirulina powder from Lake Texcoco, and even today the remains of those ancient farming grounds can still be found outside of Mexico city.

Today, spirulina powder is a food source for our astronauts in space!  Due to its exceptional nutritional content and health benefits NASA has approved this superfood for our space explorers!  Importantly, spirulina powder can grow and live through incredibly challenging and inhospitable living conditions making it a great food source for people in space… with no air… and no land!

If that wasn’t enough for you, just wait there’s more!  Spirulina powder yields 20 times more protein per area than soybeans, 40 times more than corn, and over 200x more than beef.  Also, algae is up to 400x more efficient than a tree at removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than a tree!

In a world of expanding population and decreasing resources, we need solutions that can bridge that gap!  Spirulina is one of the most nutritionally dense foods and also requires exceptionally minimal resources to grow.  This is the future that we at liina see and with your help we can make it happen!