Blue Spirulina Powder: What is it and why should you consume it?

Blue Spirulina Powder
Blue Spirulina Powder: What is it and why should you consume it?

What is blue spirulina powder?

Blue spirulina powder is a blue-green microalgae that grows in ponds, lakes and alkaline waterways.  Blue spirulina powder is the key ingredient for all of the trendy bowls and smoothies you see on social media these days.  It is popping up in everything from high-end smoothies to even icing for cakes, making everything you post insta-worthy.  You might be asking yourself why is it blue?  Is the blue natural?  The answer to that question is yes!  Blue spirulina powder is completely natural and gets its pigment from something called Phycocyanin.  This is what gives liina its health benefits and its natural blue color when you blend or shake it!

What are the health benefits of blue spirulina powder?


Blue spirulina powder aids in the production of cells that produce collagen, which keeps skin looking younger for longer.  Also, it contains iron and chlorophyll, which can hydrate skin and boost its radiance!


Since it's full of antioxidants, blue spirulina powder helps maintain your joint health.  This helps you perform at peak level.

Immunity Health

Blue spirulina powder helps support your immune system.  It's full of the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs, to help you feel strong all day long!


You now have the basics!  Keep an eye out on our social media where we post creative recipe ideas to incorporate blue spirulina powder into your daily routine. :)